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Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2007

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

First screenshots of Barnyard Blast

Here are screenshots of the first 3 levels of the game:

Barnyard Blast announced by InsertCredit, DS Fanboy, DS-X2

It was back in March 2007, we were exhibiting at Game Connection in San Francisco, having over 15 pre-arranged meetings per day with diverse publishers in an attempt to get our games signed. The first day hadn't been very successful, but then, as we were packing up, 3 guys popped in our booth. They had seen the posters of Barnyard Blast and a couple of other titles we displayed at the booth entrance, and they were eager to see the games running.

One of them was Brandon from InsertCredit. He was kind enough to publish a news about the games on his website. Then, Eric from DS Fanboy and Andrew from DS-X2 did the same. They were followed by a couple of foreign language websites.

This helped us a lot in the sales action - we could at least emphasize that the game triggered some interest. Thanks guys!

Also, we shamelessly stole Eric's tagline ("Swine of the Night"). We had been looking for a tagline for a while, and this one was just better than all those we had found. Eric, if you read this, I hope you don't mind ;-).


Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Just in case you came here randomly and don't know what this is all about (and yet you want to know...), here are answers to all questions you may possibly ask. Well, almost.

What is Barnyard Blast?
Barnyard Blast is an upcoming 2D action shooting game for the Nintendo DS. It is a parodic tribute to famous old-school horror titles. In Barnyard Blast, you control Robert Belmart, the Swine of the Night. Through 6 levels, you kill zombies, exterminate monsters, slash ghouls, and more.

When will it be released?
End of 2007.

Who publishes Barnyard Blast?
Barnyard Blast will be published in Europe by Bigben Interactive.
It will be published in America by DSI Games.

Who develops Barnyard Blast?
Barnyard Blast is developed by Sanuk Software, a game development studio based in Bangkok, Thailand.

What is the storyline?
One Halloween night, young piglet Cliffy Belmart is caught tee-peeing an ancient castle ruled by darkness, and swept inside by horrendous creatures. Instantly aware of the peril, his father Robert Belmart equips with a fully loaded gun and rushes into 6 different worlds with tough monsters and bosses. Is Robert a bad enough dude to rescue his son?

What are the game features?

  • Vintage shooting and platform gameplay with simple, intuitive cotnrols.
  • Hilarious characters and scenes (well, hopefully).
  • A long journey into 6 stages: a night walk in the graveyard, the ancient castle ruled by darkness, the volcano BBQ, the old creepy wooden jail, the forest in the way, and the castle of intolerable pain.
  • Challenging enemies and bosses.
  • A collection of weapons, items and upgrades.

Welcome to the official Barnyard Blast blog!

The Barnyard Blast development team opens this space to share its behind-the-scenes experience on the development of this Nintendo DS game with you. From now on until the release of the game, we will provide you with interviews of team members who, beyond their geek attitude, their pizza parties and their Warcraft III tournaments, will eventually present their work.

We may also release screenshots and various stuff to download.

Enjoy reading!